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Commercial & Residential Real Estate
The purchasing of a home is one of the biggest investments that most of us make in our lifetime.  The process can be very tedious and stressful.  At The Law Office of Kevin R. Joiner, LLC, we offer as a part of our service a comprehensive consultation that walks you through the entire home buying process from beginning to end.  When first deciding to purchase a home, many homebuyers will start their journey by meeting with a mortgage broker or banker who will determine what amount the buyer is pre-approved for.  Once the pre-approval process is done, many purchasers will seek the assistance of a real estate agent, who will assist in finding homes that meet criteria of the purchaser.  Real estate agents have the ability to access hundreds of property listing throughout the state, allowing you to choose a home that meets all your needs while working within the price range for which you are pre-approved.

Once you have found the perfect home, the negotiations begin between you and the seller with the assistance of your real estate agent.  Once you have executed a Purchase and Sales Agreement, the loan process begins with your mortgage broker or bank.  It is usually at this time that you seek out the services of an attorney to represent you at the closing.  Your attorney will be responsible for doing a title search and examination on the property.  This is necessary to ensure that you are acquiring a property that has clear title.  The attorney will serve as a liaison between you, the bank and the sellers.  He or she will coordinate the closing schedule, review all closing documents and prepare the Hud-1 settlement statement.  The Hud-1 settlement statement is the standard form used in the United States to itemize fees and costs charged to the purchaser who is buying or refinancing real estate.  At the closing your attorney will explain the loan documents and assist you in properly executing them.  He or she will go through the Hud-1 settlement statement explaining the fees and costs charged to you.  If issues arise where the buyer and seller cannot reach an agreement, the attorney is there to assist in mediating and aiding in resolution.

Some things you may want to consider when purchasing a home:
1. Location
2. Visit the home at various times of day.
3. Talk to neighbors
4. Find out if there is a neighborhood association
5. Ask lots of questions of the sellers
6. Get a home inspection
7. Get details on any repair work or past improvements
8. Ask about the cost of utilities during the various times of year
9. Take a look at the cost of annual property taxes
10. Understand how credit affects your interest rate and mortgage approval.
11. How much will you need for a down payment and closing costs?
12. Research the various types of loan programs
13. If you are a first-time homebuyer, seek out first time homebuyer incentives.
14. Cost of home insurance
15. Will there be any repairs that you will be responsible for making?