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Entertainment & Sports Law
The entertainment and sports arena is a high stake industry carrying great rewards and severe consequences.  The implications of executing a contractual agreement without proper legal representation can be detrimental; affecting your financial, proprietary and career development opportunities.  With over 10 years of experience, we are prepared to guide and advise you through a process that includes many different elements.  We work to assist you in protecting your creative rights and proprietary interest.  We will review, draft and help you to understand contract language. 

Negotiation is vital to ensuring that you receive a fair and equitable share of royalties and rights under an agreement.  We will negotiate on your behalf to ensure that an agreement is representative of the talents, ideas and creativity you bring to a project.

It is important to have proper legal representation as this will help to minimize legal issues that may arise as you or your company expands and grows.  Contract law is a body of law whose purpose is to be proactive and define the roles and responsibilities of the parties.  We will help you to make sound legal choices that can prevent expensive litigation cost.