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Criminal Defense (State and Federal)
Whether you are arrested for misdemeanor, felony or motor vehicle charges; we are here to assist you in navigating the criminal justice system.  At the Law Office of Kevin R. Joiner, LLC we understand that the criminal process can be intimidating; a life-altering experience with significant implications for you, your family and your career.  With almost 10 years of experience representing criminal clients charged with the most serious state and federal charges, we are very familiar with the criminal justice system, the art of plea bargaining and taking matters to trial.  We represent clients charged with white collar crimes, drug possession and sales, homicide, larceny, gun charges, assault, burglary, breach of peace and driving under the influence.

For first-time offenders, there are diversionary programs that you may be eligible to enroll in, programs which, if successfully completed, will dismiss the charges pending against you.  We offer a free initial consultation, where we will explain the criminal process to you step by step; explain your exposure to incarceration; the implications of having a felony on your record; and the possible options to reaching a favorable disposition.

Here is a list of the various diversionary programs offered to first-time offenders:

  • Accelerated Pre-trial Rehabilitation (AR)
  • Pre-trial Alcohol Education Program (AEP)
  • Pre-trial Drug Education Program
  • Community Service Labor Program
  • Treatment of Drug and Alcohol Dependent Offenders in Lieu of Prosecution
  • Pre-trial Family Violence Program
  • Alternative Incarceration Program
  • Mediation/family Relations Office
  • Youthful Offender Program
  • Pre-trial School Violence Prevention Program